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Sunday, December 6, 2009

NBI clearance for travel abroad

As a requirement for our Chinese tourist visa application, we had to secure an NBI clearance valid for travel abroad. Since in the past we already had a criminal namesake, we went straight to the NBI clearance renewal center in Carriedo. We brought our most recent NBI clearances and paid the P20 building entrance fee then went through steps 1-7 (skipping step 5). As usual we cannot claim the clearance within the day. We were told to claim the clearance personally 3 days later (claiming through an authorized representative is not allowed if travel abroad purpose).

Noted the following fees posted: Change of name is P165 while clearance / renewal is only P115. I'll probably renew with my married name some other time (since my passport is still in my maiden name and I didn't want to have to submit documents with different names for the visa application).

We were there from around 10:30-12:30. Ate lunch late at the nearby Chowking.

Went back to NBI for claiming a week later. Arrived in NBI Carriedo around 8:30am and went straight to the top floor for step 7 - releasing (no need to pay for the building fee again, just show the claiming receipt to the "guard"). After getting the printout, we checked if there was an indication that it is valid for travel abroad. Aside from the note, it should be printed on green paper instead of the usual peach. We also had to line up for thumb printing. An optional P2 for the wet towelette is available there. We finished by around 9am.

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